Last Update: 11/20/2003
Welcome to the ultimate Phantasy Star Homepage !

There is one thing I would like to say before you enter the Home of Phantasy Star web pages. This site was closed for nearly 2 months now and I got many, many letters with questions why they have vanished. The reason is that my old sponsor Praise Jason "Parn" Walton cannot support me any longer due to some reasons too difficult to explain here. He supported me more than 1 year for free. As I had to find a new sponsor and, in fact, the new sponsor found me!

GhaleonOne, maintainer of should be praised ( for offering the webspace needed to reopen this site.
As usual, no reopening without something new!
This time it's Shining Force III Scenario 1 - 3 plus Premium CD.
It took me half a year and (sorry) I am not yet through the stuff. So stay tuned, I will hurry to complete the Battle Sections ASAP.

Please enter and enjoy!

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